[Samsung Mobile] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2023: The Galaxy Experience from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

BrandㅣSamsung Galaxy
Creative DirectorㅣHeekyung Keem
Creative ManagerㅣYunmin Lee, Yejin Kim
Agency DesignerㅣSoyeon Yoo
Agency ProducerㅣJunyeong Park
Productionㅣnvrmnd, Plan’it
Executive ProducerㅣDongwook Yoon
Assistant DirectorㅣKeemhyun, Taeksu Shin
Line ProducerㅣYujeong Kim
Director of PhotographyㅣJongtaek Kang, Hyeongyeon Kim
1st Camera AssistantㅣDonghyun Han, Seongwon Lee
2nd Camera AssistantㅣJungbin Cho, Taeyean Lee
3rd Camera AssistantㅣGwonwoo Shin, Seongmin Choi
Data ManagerㅣService Kim
Key GripㅣKiheon Choi
1st Grip AssistantㅣSungeun Kim, Jiin Hwang
2nd Grip AssistantㅣDeaheon Choi
GafferㅣHongsu Kim
1st Lighting AssistantㅣDaewoon Jung
2nd Lighting AssistantㅣHyunsa Kim, Daewhi Kim, Jaeyoung Choi
3rd Lighting AssistantㅣMinjong Kang, Kwonjong Kim
Art DirectorㅣMina Bae
Art TeamㅣJini Kim, Yujin Cha, Yujin Jo
Sound MixerㅣHyojin Jin
Sound CrewㅣSangsu Jung, Taejun Lee
ModelㅣPaul, Gina, Ene, Kai, Naomi
StylistㅣRoun Lee
Stylist AssistantㅣKyuha Kim, Yukung Lee, Jaeseung Go
Hair&Make-up ArtistㅣGaram Seo
Hair&Make-up AssistantㅣMingyeong Cho, Seyoung Kang
EditorㅣYiseul Kang(넓은벌동쪽)
Edit TeamㅣEehzee Ryoo, Hyungdo Lee
ColoristㅣSoojeong Park(Vision)
DI CrewㅣYoujin Park, Heejin Nam
2D SupervisorㅣHyejung Jung(ELIOT)
2D TeamㅣHansoo Lee, Hyunhye Park, MinSun Joo, Jiwon Yoon
Art TeamㅣKyujun Shim, Seongmin Kim, Jina Lee, Jihyeon Park, Daesig Kim, Sunkyeong Kim, Junghyun Lim
VFX ProducerㅣJunghan Um, Yunseon Park
Sound SupervisorㅣChulwoo Bae, Uchan Kang(KISS FM)
Sound DirectorㅣMoongi Choi

A dictionary definition of the term ’nevermind’ is not to bother, not to worry about. In other word, one’s choice cannot be distinguished between right and wrong, rather every decision can be considered as different existence of possibilities. nvrmnd is a creative-contents studio, which designs and creates video arts and graphic contents based on artworks. We are not limited to only certain type of media, but we rather strongly aim at the collaborations with diverse art-fields. Meanwhile, we pursuit experimental, highly-individual and continuous artworks.