[SAMSUNG] Notebook 7 Force: A Creative Graphics Powerhouse from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[SAMSUNG] Notebook 7 Force: A Creative Graphics Powerhouse short ver. from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

Brand | SAMSUNG Notebook 7 Force
Agency | Cheil
Creative Director | Kyejo Lee, Hyunjoo Huh
Art | Jonggil Choi, Umji Lee
Agency PD | Changyong Park
Production | Museum Films
Director I Sunghwi
Executive Producer | Hyuckhoon Nam
Line Producer | Teaksu Shin
1st Assistant Director | Hyuna Kim
2nd Assistant Director | Hyunwoo Kim, Jinyong Lee, Seuulgi Hong
Director of Photography I MyeongJe Kim
Focus Puller I Jungkwan Kim
2nd Assistant Camera I Sion Kim, Yoonyoung Yang
3rd Assistant Camera I Ilho Bae
Gaffer(That’s Light) I Jinwon Kim
1st Assistant Lighting I Boseok Kim
2nd Assistant Lighting I Sooho Choi
3rd Assistant Lighting I Sungjoon Kim, Sewon Ok, Kwangoh Kim
Robot Arm I Maverick
Art Director | boyyd
2D Art&Animation Studio | Studio Pivote
Post Production | Giantstep
EDIT Director I Yuri Jung 
EDIT Assistant I Taegwan Lee
CG Supervisor I Seungchan Kim, Gabin Baek
3D Art Director I Gahee Park 
3D Artist I Ohhoon Kwon, Hyein Cho
Graphic Artist I Jihye Kim
Composite Art Director I Inho Yang
Composite Artist I Hyeri Kang, Gwanghyeon Cho
DI Team | Namsec
DI Director I Byungwoo Nam
DI Assistant I Minjung Kim, Imgoo Joe, Seongmin Kim, Yeram Oh
Sound&Ambience Director I APRO
Recording Studio | Dr. Hook
Recording Director I Seungbum Kang
Recording Assistant I Sangcheol Kuem

A dictionary definition of the term ’nevermind’ is not to bother, not to worry about. In other word, one’s choice cannot be distinguished between right and wrong, rather every decision can be considered as different existence of possibilities. nvrmnd is a creative-contents studio, which designs and creates video arts and graphic contents based on artworks. We are not limited to only certain type of media, but we rather strongly aim at the collaborations with diverse art-fields. Meanwhile, we pursuit experimental, highly-individual and continuous artworks.