[QUANCHELL] 마침내, 콴첼이 되다! from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[QUANCHELL] BOSWEIILIA Ver from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[QUANCHELL] MSM Ver from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[QUANCHELL] CHONDROITIN Ver from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

ArtistㅣJinhee Ji
Creative DirectorㅣSeokho Park
Productionㅣnvrmnd, Studio Joker
Executive ProducerㅣGiljin Jeong
Assistant DirectorㅣKeemhyun
ProducerㅣJegyun Lee
Line ProducerㅣTaeyoung Yu, Eunjung Han
Production AssistantㅣTeam Assist
Director of PhotographyㅣMyeongje Kim
1st Assistant CameraㅣSion Kim
2nd Assistant CameraㅣSooyoung Lee
3rd Assistant CameraㅣMinho Kim, Eunhye Heo
Data ManagerㅣJungwoon Kim
Day 1 Key GripㅣHyunsoo Nam
1st Grip AssistantㅣYounjea Won
2nd Grip AssistantㅣJintae Kim
3rd Grip AssistantㅣWoohyeon Jeong
Day 2 Key GripㅣJimin Kim
1st Grip AssistantㅣJintae Kim
2nd Grip AssistantㅣKwanjoo Lim
3rd Grip AssistantㅣMingook Lee
GafferㅣHyeokgi Kwon
1st Lighting AssistantㅣSeungwon Lee
2nd Lighting AssistantㅣTaeyang Kim, Bonghee Shin
3rd Lighting AssistantㅣJanghwan Lee, Joongi Hong, Joonhyub Lee
Art DirectorㅣJungae Lee
1st Assistant Art DirectorㅣHongsuk Jang
2nd Assistant Art DirectorㅣHayoung Lee, Seoyeon Park, Hyojun An, Yonghun Jin
Jinhee Ji Styling Team
StylistㅣDahyeong Yang
Hair ArtistㅣChacha
Make-up ArtistㅣJeonggeum Jeong
Sub Model Styling Team
Sub ModelㅣMyeongsu Kang, Eunyeong Kwak, Hyeeun Jang
StylistㅣRoun Lee
Stylist AssistantㅣKyuha Kim, Yukung Lee
Hair, Make-up ArtistㅣEunji Kim
Hair, Make-up AssistantㅣSujin Kim
Edit Post ProductionㅣPOSTAGIT
NTC Post ProductionㅣCOLORGRAF
VFX Post ProductionㅣPOSTAGIT
Sound Post Productionㅣ안녕낯선사람

A dictionary definition of the term ’nevermind’ is not to bother, not to worry about. In other word, one’s choice cannot be distinguished between right and wrong, rather every decision can be considered as different existence of possibilities. nvrmnd is a creative-contents studio, which designs and creates video arts and graphic contents based on artworks. We are not limited to only certain type of media, but we rather strongly aim at the collaborations with diverse art-fields. Meanwhile, we pursuit experimental, highly-individual and continuous artworks.