LG U+ x 조광일 from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

StarringㅣGwangil Jo
Korea Traditional PerformerㅣHeesoo Kim, Jinho You
Productionㅣnvrmnd, Supermarket
Assistant DirectorㅣKeemhyun
ProducerㅣSeungHyuk Jung, Seonhee Jung, Daun Jung(Supermarket)
Director of PhotographyㅣChihoon Ihm(Flamingo)
1st Camera AssistantㅣHyunwoo Yang
2nd Camera AssistantㅣYeonwoo Kim, Jungpil Ho
3rd Camera AssistantㅣArrum Jo
GafferㅣHoonho Kwon
1st Lighting AssistantㅣDongkyu Lee
2nd Lighting AssistantㅣJunseok Oh
3rd Lighting AssistantㅣByunggu Kang
Art DirectorㅣSoyeong Park
Stylist AssistantㅣHeejo Ryu
EditorㅣJihoon Kim(DO)
ColoristㅣTaesik Um(U5K)
VFX SupervisorㅣJeongmin Kim(DO)
Sound DirectorㅣJaeseung Yoo(음향연구소)
A dictionary definition of the term ’nevermind’ is not to bother, not to worry about. In other word, one’s choice cannot be distinguished between right and wrong, rather every decision can be considered as different existence of possibilities. nvrmnd is a creative-contents studio, which designs and creates video arts and graphic contents based on artworks. We are not limited to only certain type of media, but we rather strongly aim at the collaborations with diverse art-fields. Meanwhile, we pursuit experimental, highly-individual and continuous artworks.