[CellFusionC] Sunscreen from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[CellFusionC] Sunscreen 15' from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

[CellFusionC] Sunscreen 6' from nvrmnd on Vimeo.

ActorㅣHaesun Shin
Creative DirectorㅣJunhwa Jung
Productionㅣnvrmnd, 위피피
Executive ProducerㅣSinuk Kang
ProducerㅣSeongjae Kang
Assistant DirectorㅣKeemhyun, Taeksu Shin
Line ProducerㅣSomin Lee
Director of PhotographyㅣMyeongje Kim
1st Camera AssistantㅣSion Kim
2nd Camera AssistantㅣJooyoung Ahn, Jihyuck Lim
3rd Camera AssistantㅣJongheon Lee
GafferㅣJinwon Kim
1st Lighting AssistantㅣBoseok Kim
2nd Lighting AssistantㅣMinsoo Lee
3rd Lighting AssistantㅣKyeongdong Park
4th Lighting AssistantㅣSewon Ok
5th Lighting AssistantㅣChangsoo Kim
Art DirectorㅣNOMESS
Art TeamㅣJihoon Han, Seungjun Lee, Jinwoo Kim
Senior EditorㅣSeonil Jang(THEPOST)
EditorㅣDaebok Uhm(THEPOST)
ColoristㅣJunhyoung Cho(eliot)
VFX SupervisorㅣSungwook Byun(THEPOST)
VFX CompositorㅣGukin Son(THEPOST)
Sound Directorㅣ Seonghwa Oh(GHOSTBUSTER)
A dictionary definition of the term ’nevermind’ is not to bother, not to worry about. In other word, one’s choice cannot be distinguished between right and wrong, rather every decision can be considered as different existence of possibilities. nvrmnd is a creative-contents studio, which designs and creates video arts and graphic contents based on artworks. We are not limited to only certain type of media, but we rather strongly aim at the collaborations with diverse art-fields. Meanwhile, we pursuit experimental, highly-individual and continuous artworks.